Methodology of Surgery Planning Platform
The process of surgery planning starts with surgeon’s  uploading the medical data (MRI, CT, cathaterization, etc.) of the patient to our system. We reconstruct the cardiovascular geometry of the patient using the uploaded data.  Surgeon implements the different configurations using the virtual surgery tool. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis  done for each configuration. The analysis report is sent to the surgeon. Based on the reports surgeon makes the decision.


The Patch Design
Patches are commonly used in the CHD operations. Traditionally the size and shape of the patch is decided during the surgery which increases the surgery time. In Hemodyn we are developing a virtual tool that can enable the surgeons to design the patch before the surgery. The procedure is composed several steps. It begins with creating the cardiovascular structure of the patient by processing the CT and MRI images. Healthy 3D neonatal aorta and right outflow tract anatomical models are superimposed on the 3D patient model which allows us to determine the damaged and new tissue regions. The stich line is calculated by the determined area. At this stage the patch geometry under the blood pressure is extracted. The patch geometry with no blood pressure is calculated by the finite calculation technique