In silico Surgery Planning Platform
Our main service is providing virtual surgery platform and the CFD analysis reports based on the modified cardiovascular geometry. The result report includes the fallowing analysis:

  • Stage to stage comparison
  • Theoretical cardiac output drop
  • Flow streamlines
  • 3D rapid prototype of the possible baffle configurations
  • Fenestration performance
  • Pulsatile Power Loss
  • Total caval flow pulsatility index
  • Peripheral pulsatile energy loss
  • Organ hemodynamics and post-operative remodeling parameters
  • Local vascular growth prediction
  • 3D patch design system
  • Lymphatic system performance
  • Sensitivity to conduit kinking
  • Venous compliance reserve
  • Scaling
  • Single ventricle function


Rapid Prototyping
Some surgeons are willing to observe the physical model of the heart. We can also provide the 3D physical model of the heart and/or the great vessels surrounding heart by our 3D printer.Rapid_Prototyping_2